EDI Panel

Panellists: all of our keynote speakers and two workshop hosts.

The field of biology has long recognised the importance of embracing diversity in its research, perspectives, and approaches. To foster a more inclusive and equitable community, this panel discussion aims to explore the challenges, strategies, and benefits associated with integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). 

The panel on EDI serves as a platform to acknowledge the significance of diversity within the field and to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating EDI principles. Attendees will have the opportunity to raise their concerns and questions during the session.

  1. Recognition of Diversity: Diversity is not limited to organisms alone; it extends to researchers, perspectives, and methodologies within the field. The panel recognises the importance of embracing this diversity in order to foster a more robust and inclusive scientific community.
  2. Challenges in Integration: Despite the recognition of diversity’s importance, integrating EDI principles can present challenges. These challenges may include systemic biases, lack of representation, and entrenched norms that perpetuate inequality. The panel aims to identify and address these challenges, providing insights and strategies to overcome them.
  3. Strategies for Inclusion: The panel discussion will delve into various strategies for promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in science. This may involve creating inclusive research environments, advocating for diverse perspectives, and actively supporting underrepresented groups within the field.